how to make gasoline in ark

How To Make Gasoline In The Ark

Gasoline is a liquid fuel used in internal combustion engines to power vehicles, generators, and other machinery. It is made from crude oil through a process called refining. The refining process involves separating the various components of crude oil, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, and kerosene, by their boiling points.

In Ark: Survival Evolved game, gasoline can be crafted using oil from creatures like Trilobites or Fishes, which can be found in the water or gathered through an Oil Pump. Players must cook 5 Oil and 3 Hide in a Refining Forge for several minutes to craft gasoline. Gasoline can be stored in any container but needs a Preserving Bin or Refrigerator to prevent it from spoiling quickly.

Gasoline has become essential for survival in Ark as players use it to run various machines like Fabricators, Generators, and Turrets that are important for base defense and crafting advanced items. Players should always have enough gasoline before venturing into the wilderness, as they might find themselves stranded with no means of transportation if they run out unexpectedly.

How to make spark powder in the ark

To make spark powder in Ark, you must gather flint and stone. Flint is commonly found near rocks or riverbeds, while stone can be obtained by breaking small boulders or mining large rock formations. Once you have collected enough flint and stone, place them into a mortar and pestle, and grind them down until they become the spark to powder.

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Spark powder is an essential resource for crafting gasoline in Ark. To make gasoline, you will need oil, hide, and spark powder. Oil can be obtained by killing particular sea creatures or mining oil nodes with a pickaxe, while hide can be gathered from killing various animals such as deer or boars. Mix these resources in a chemistry bench with the required spark powder to create gasoline for your generators.

It is noteworthy that spark powder has many other uses besides crafting gasoline. It can also be used to craft gunpowder for ammunition or as fuel for torches and campfires. So always ensure you have enough spark power when exploring Ark’s dangerous world!

How to make polymer in the ark

Polymer is a crucial resource in Ark: Survival Evolved, especially when crafting advanced structures and equipment. To make polymer in Ark, you must gather the necessary resources and utilize the right crafting station. Firstly, you must harvest organic polymer from creatures like Kairuku or Hesperornis that can be found near water bodies or beaches. You can use a hatchet, pickaxe, or chainsaw to obtain this material.

Once you have enough organic polymer, head to your chem bench and place it inside with some obsidian and cementing paste. The chem bench is one of the best places for creating high-end materials like gasoline because it’s faster than other stations, such as the refining forge. Once all three ingredients are inside the bench, hit craft and wait for a short while until the process is complete.

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Making polymer in Ark requires careful planning when gathering resources but is an excellent investment for those looking to advance their equipment and base defenses. Don’t forget that preserving your precious polymer supply by keeping it away from elements that could spoil it will save you time later in the game!

What materials do you need to make gasoline in the ark?

To make gasoline in Ark, you need a few materials. The first material you need is oil, which can be obtained by harvesting specific resources such as the black rocks on beaches or by harvesting particular creatures like Trilobites or Ammonites. Secondly, you’ll need to hide to create a Refining Forge where the gasoline will eventually be made. This particular item can be obtained by killing creatures like Dodos and Trikes.

Once you have both items, it’s time to combine them to create gasoline. You must place the oil into the Refining Forge and some wood or thatch as fuel. Once lit, the refining process will begin and eventually produce one gasoline unit for every three units of oil used during refinement.

It’s important to note that making gasoline in Ark requires patience and gathering resources over time. However, once created, it can power various tools and vehicles throughout your gameplay experience!

How do you make gasoline in the ark?

To make gasoline in Ark, you must first craft a Refining Forge. It can be created using 20 Hide, 15 Fiber, and 65 Thatch. Once you have the Refining Forge, you must put Oil and Hide into it. The Oil can be obtained by killing Trilobites or using an Oil Pump to extract it from underwater nodes.

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After placing the materials in the Refining Forge, turn on the fire and wait for the refining process to complete. It will take approximately twenty seconds for one unit of gasoline to be produced. Alternatively, if you can access a Chemistry Bench, you can make five gasoline units at once by combining oil with six hides and five polymer.

It is important to note that while gasoline is a valuable resource in Ark as it powers many machines such as generators and motorboats, it does expire after some time. Therefore, storing them in a fridge or preserving bin is recommended if not used immediately.


Can I make gasoline in Ark?

Yes, you can make gasoline in Ark. You must use a Refining Forge or Industrial Forge and combine Oil with Hide or Keratin.

How do I get Oil in Ark?

There are several ways to obtain Oil in Ark. You can harvest it from particular creatures, such as Trilobites, found on the ocean floor. Alternatively, you can extract it from rocks using an Oil Pump or by killing Alpha Mosasaurs.

What is the difference between using a Refining Forge and an Industrial Forge to make gasoline?

The main difference between using a Refining Forge and an Industrial Forge to make gasoline is the quantity produced per craft. A Refining Forge will produce 5 Gasoline per craft, while an Industrial forge will produce 20. Additionally, an Industrial forge consumes fuel twice the rate of a Refining forge.

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