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How To Make A Weekly Outfit Video With Online Animation

Are you a novice in fashion, whether as a brand or a creator, looking to create money or grow your brand by creating outfit videos? As a newbie, video production can be laborious, but the payoff is worth it.

With that said, you might want to make weekly outfit animated videos free. Worry less! There are various animation makers like Doratoon who help you create stunning videos.This article will walk you through a blogger’s video steps and get you on your way to bringing your own animation videos to life. Read on!

How To Make A Weekly Outfit Video With Online Animation

Find the Perfect Animation Software

It can be challenging to decide how to animate your video since many options exist, including hiring a team. Nonetheless, most methods are expensive, and DIY apps like Doratoon are your best option. You only need a PC and an internet connection to use a 2D animation tool. With Doratoon, you can create all types of videos from its massive list of templates or create your video by starting from scratch. Other essential features to look out for in this free animation software include:

  • AI Dubbing and Intelligent Drawing.
  • Auto Lip Sync
  • Animated Characters
  • Footage Combination and Locking
  • Format Painter

Research the topic

Find the right topic or theme for your video. Focus on trending topics to find something that engages your target audience and helps you achieve your goals. Also, pay attention to the keywords if you want to rank on Google and other search engine result pages. For instance, if you’re creating a video for YouTube, you can choose the video topic by conducting keyword research inside YouTube. Carefully look at the top results and keyword search predictions to see what works and doesn’t.

Create a script

It’s time to work on your video content by writing a script that lays out your story. You can write a word-by-word script or the topics you aim to cover in the video. Also, write a solid video brief to determine your objective, target audience, and the core message of your video. Additionally, make sure your story has the following three elements:

  • The Hook – This is the first 8-10 seconds that will determine whether your audience stays or bounces.
  • The Patty – This is the body of your video and should level up to your hook.
  • The CTA – This is the final part of your video where you lead your audience into taking some action.
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Make your content

After learning the proficient Doratoon features, you should also get to know how to use this platform for designing video animations. Here’s how to make outstanding content;

Step 1: Visit the official website of Doratoon and sign up for an account to use the platform.

Step 2: Select the Workbench option on top of the page to navigate to the video editor section of Doratoon. Tap on Create and select the appropriate style to make an animated video.

Step 3: Upon redirection to the editor workspace, you can add different scenes, templates, texts, and characters across the video. Also, get to spice your video with props, music, and animated backgrounds from the software’s toolbars. Moreover, you can personalize the video by adding styles and animation effects to your cartoon video from the right pane.

Step 4: Once you have added all the appropriate content within your video animation, Preview the video by pressing the play button next to Publish to catch a glimpse of what it looks like.

Step 5: Click on Publish to set up a title, file type, and video definition. Click Export to save the video.

Publish the video and track its progress

You can distribute your video on different platforms depending on your goals and audience. For instance, if you are after video marketing, you can push your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube as regular posts or targeted ads. That way, tracking its progress and receiving different opinions from viewers can be easy.

6 Ideas For Weekly Outfit Video With Online Animation

It might seem like it, but it’s not easy to come up with excellent fashion video ideas. Below are some video ideas you can quickly utilize to bring your skills to the limelight with online animation.

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Create a Lookbook

Create a video series simplifying your old looks. A lookbook video shows your before and after looks, your fashion fails, best looks, tips you learned along the way, and how you found your style. Unveiling your personal style journey encourages your audience to find their own. Besides fresh summer looks, you create a rapport with them and grow your base and followers.

To create a lookbook video, use a template from free animation websites and add the footage of your outfits. Then, add voiceover or text to elaborate on the different cloth items you’ve used to style it. Remember to show your original self while styling the outfits so that viewers can connect with you and your style.

Share common styling mistakes

Videos with common styling mistakes command a lot of views and should be part of your content package. As a video content creator, you could talk about the most common fashion mistakes people tend to make and how to avoid them. Go the extra mile and give an in-depth explanation of various outfits, encouraging more viewers to engage with your content.

To make such a video, modify templates or create from scratch with an animation maker by adding samples of text and pictures of outfits. Make it interesting by adding a voiceover and stock music to the video. Lastly, end with a CTA to subscribe to your channel.

Styling tips

Firstly, research the kind of styling tips relevant to your audience before creating styling tip animation videos. List specific styling tips for those with extra pieces of clothing lying around and who don’t have enough time to make simple but elegant outfits.

The tips should be actionable and help people look elegant and stylish effortlessly. For instance, in-office people will be looking to style office outfits rather than casual ones.

How-to videos

You can use search terms, such as how to dress better or develop a personal style, to create a series of “How-To” videos for your channel. Also, research and try to understand why your prospects struggle with maintaining a personal style. This research will help you go beyond generic clothing tips, stand out, and attract followers to your channel.

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Firstly, write down a script with the points you’ll mention from the keyword research. After, use an animated video maker template in Doratoon’s official web to introduce yourself. Moreover, you can add transitional slides to break the information into bite-sized pieces that viewers will understand and be engaged to the end.

Review videos

Posting honest review videos builds your reputation and popularity as a creator. Such videos require you to open a website for animation, create a great introduction, and analyze clothes based on price, material, comfort, fit, and look. Plus, you can add a list of pros and cons for each cloth item to highlight the best and most disappointing features.

Review videos need a dramatic effect. So, use stock media and add sound effects from the library to bring out a little bit of character. Once you are done, place an outro at the end of the video to link to similar reviews and encourage users to subscribe to your channel.

Reaction videos

Reaction videos are unscripted and easy to make as you spend less time preparing content. They allow viewers to see the genuine reactions of their favorite creators. Choose popular videos or topics such as a closet tour video to get people interested in listening to what you’ve got to say.

To make the actual video, you need a cartoon maker like Doratoon to create a video overlay with footage from the original video so people can see your reaction to it. Also, add a CTA like a subscriber button so viewers feel tempted to subscribe to your YouTube channel and follow you on other social channels.


As discussed, making fashion video ideas daily can get tedious and overwhelming. Hopefully, the video ideas we’ve shared will help you in your journey of growing your fashion brand.

Follow the tips discussed in this article, and you’ll see a considerable increase in your video quality, engagement, and results. Plus, creating cartoon videos has been made easier than ever, thanks to Doratoon, our 2D animation software. Start creating your animated video today!

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