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How to Choose the Best Reddit Proxy Server

While there are numerous social media apps, Reddit is among the most popular ones. According to Alexa rankings, Reddit has gained 430 million active users since its launch in 2005 and is one of the most visited sites. The app is used by brands in various niches, meaning there are ample opportunities to get potential clients for your business.

However, like other apps, Reddit has placed restrictions for its users to follow. Failure to comply with the rules can lead to account suspensions or bans. This article sheds light on the importance of using Reddit proxies, factors to consider when choosing, and the best Reddit proxies for you.

What Is a Reddit Proxy?

Reddit allows users to scrape data and have several accounts without getting blocked. However, it doesn’t allow spamming, running bulk automation, or manipulation of votes, and this is where Reddit proxy servers come in.

A Reddit proxy is an intermediary server that links your device with the app. The proxy masks your IP address and physical location to help you bypass any imposed restrictions.

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How to Use Reddit Proxies

As a regular Reddit user, you may not need to buy a proxy for Reddit. However, the same cannot be said for businesses. Below are the most common reasons why companies and marketers turn to Reddit proxies.

Managing multiple accounts

Reddit allows users to have up to six accounts, but having 20 accounts, for example, is a no-no! It’s best to use numerous proxies to avoid getting banned for using the same IP address for the accounts. Reddit doesn’t condone heavy marketing, aka spamming, meaning your profiles will inevitably get flagged.

Avoiding CAPTCHAs

Captchas are online tests that pop up when using apps, and their job is to discern humans from robots. These verifications are often a nuisance since they involve solving puzzles, some of which may be confusing. The best solution is to use Reddit proxies to avoid getting tracked when scraping.

Scraping Reddit

Are you looking to find valuable insights to help your business achieve its full potential? Scraping posts and comments on Reddit will help you with market research, finding suitable content ideas, etc. While the app allows you to do this to some degree, it doesn’t allow for large-scale data collection. Luckily, using a Reddit proxy should help you navigate this restriction.

Unblocking Reddit

Some countries or institutions like schools or workplaces may restrict Reddit. Using a proxy will mask your actual IP address, thus allowing you access to the site.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Proxy for Reddit

Although there are numerous proxy service providers, not all have the right features you need to carry out your tasks without issues. Below are factors to consider when selecting the best Reddit proxy.

The number of servers

Choosing a proxy service provider with enough proxies in different countries allows you to maximize your opportunities on Reddit and make the most of it.


Choosing a proxy service with stable and fast speeds helps you gain unlimited access to Reddit. It also allows you to complete multiple tasks in a short time.

Costs and benefits

As with other ventures, it’s essential to ensure you get your money’s worth. Avoid buying expensive proxies with extra features you don’t need.

Multi-platform support

Choose a proxy that supports devices, platforms, bots, and browsers you plan to use for your Reddit automation efforts.

Which Proxy Types Are Ideal for Reddit?

Thanks to Reddit proxies, users can bypass all IP-based restrictions on the platform. This section lists the best proxy types for you.

Residential proxies

A residential IP proxy is an ideal option since it allows you to send an unlimited number of requests without raising any red flags. These proxies use real IP addresses provided by ISPs, making your requests seem like they’re coming from regular Reddit users. Rotating residential proxies are best for businesses that require automated tasks, while static residential proxies are best for account management.

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Datacenter proxies

Datacenter proxies are much cheaper than residential ones, thus ideal for people that don’t require heavy automation. Here, you can either go for private or shared datacenter proxies. Private proxies are available only to you and are best used for account management and automation. On the other hand, shared proxies are used to unlock geo-restricted content. It’s essential to note that using shared proxies is cheaper than private proxies, thus ideal for light web scraping.

Mobile proxies

Mobile proxies are the most reliable since they are pretty hard to block. They are your best bet when other proxies fail you. Unfortunately, they come with a hefty price tag out of the three options. So if your project is running on a tight budget, mobile proxies may not be ideal.

Your Preferred Reddit Proxy Service Provider

With so many users across the globe, Reddit has a lot to offer in terms of marketing. No matter which proxy server you choose for your botting or data gathering, make sure to avoid free options. Free proxies are often already flagged, so you might end up losing your Reddit accounts. More importantly, many of them are just a front to steal your sensitive information.

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