Patio door replacement

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Patio Door in Toronto, Ontario?

Patio door replacement is an excellent solution that will make your home more comfortable, spacious and stylish.

Read in our article how new doors are installed, how much it costs and where to find a reliable contractor for such work.

What Is the Average Cost to Replace a Sliding Glass Door in Toronto?

Let’s start by figuring out what patio door replacement includes:

  1. The old door must first be dismantled.
  2. The specialist shall then measure the door aperture and prepare it for installation of the new structure. At this stage, they check that the window sill is flat and the walls are even. Then the door aperture must be sealed.
  3. Making a new door according to your wishes. You can customize the project and choose:
  • single or double sliding structures;
  • any fittings (built-in mini-blinds between window glass, original handles);
  • additional frames and flaps;
  • secure locks
  • glass with or without tinting;
  • any colour of the doors (standard option is white).
  1. The next step is the installation of the patio door with subsequent exterior trim.
  2. If necessary, the contractor will dispose of the old door.
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Among all manufacturers that perform patio door replacement, we recommend Vinyl Light. This brand has made Canadian homes even more stylish, comfortable and modern for over 14 years.

Here you will be offered a wide choice of patio doors, as well as a guarantee that all works will be carried out qualitatively and in a predetermined time frame.

Vinyl Light products advantages

  • Convenience of use: The tandem rollers used do not require lubrication and are completely silent.
  • A rigid multi-camera frame makes such designs as energy efficient as possible, allowing owners to save well on electricity. This frame also helps to reduce noise from the street and minimize the penetration of unpleasant odors into the dwelling.
  • The vinyl doors do not rot, rust or deform.
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The cost of replacing a standard door is $1,199. It can vary depending on the fittings, locks, handles, etc.To find out the actual cost of the door, contact Vinyl Light representatives and they will provide a free estimate of your project.

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