FYE Corporate Office Headquarters

FYE History

FYE stands for “For Your Entertainment” and it is the largest chain of entertainment retail stores across American. Commenced in the year 1993, FYE expanded its wings and horizon by 2001by purchasing the shares and rebranding mail-box Camelot, Coconut Stores, Strawberries and Record Town. Today this brand operates its businesses from over 270 locations across America. FYE started its first store in 1993 at Trumbull Mall and the second one was commenced in 1995 at the East-view Mall, NY and by the year 1997 they commenced their third store at ColonieCenter in Colonie NY. Gradually the brand started expanding their wings by purchasing other brands and rebranding them again. Finally, by 2018, the company managed to deliver its services through its 270 stores sprawling across the USA. In 2017, the CEO of the company had expired, and he was responsible for creating the brand and maintaining profitability and hence it is struggling today after his death.

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FYE Corporate Founder

Founder:Bob Higgins

FYE Corporate Official Address

Address: 38 Corporate Circle
Albany, NY 12203
United States

FYE Corporate Contact Details

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