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Compress PDF: Why use a Free Tool to Compress PDFs Files?

If a PDF has too much image content, data, and non-standard fonts, its size will likely increase. This is where the problem arises. Portable Document File is certainly the most flexible and useful file type we have today, but its size can cause limitations. As a result, people try to shrink PDF size to facilitate smooth sharing across different platforms.

Apart from sharing PDFs, one also wants to free up their computer’s memory or cloud storage. Imagine having a large-sized PDF stored in your system or phone, and it has taken most of your space. Moreover, your device will begin to slow down, which can greatly impact your overall performance.

Hence, people need to be more aware of handling PDF because it carries large file sizes, but it also consumes a lot of space.

Why Use a Free PDF Compressor Tool?

You will find a lot of websites that are offering services to compress PDF. These websites will be extremely helpful to you, especially if you constantly work with large documents.

Let’s give you a few more reasons why you should use these tools to compress PDF.

  • Easier to Share

By using a compressor tool, you can reduce PDF size to a level that it becomes easier to email and transmit. Also, with the new reduced file size, lesser time will be taken to upload. This is crucial because email attachment size limits can be frustrating, especially for an industry that relies on heavy files like legal and insurance. When you often have to work with large documents, it is unsustainable to send them back and forth at their original size.

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Even if you are on the receiving end of a large PDF, you know how time-consuming it can be to download. With compression software, you can make your lives easier.

  • Allows Easier Mobility

File compression allows convenient mobile accessibility. This means when PDFs become smaller, they become mobile-friendly, enabling you to view or download them anywhere and anytime. This is especially helpful for today’s business models that are increasingly being conducted on the go.

  • Better for The Future

Documents that cannot be accessed when required are of no use to the user. The amazing free pdf compressor by reduces PDF to a size that can be stored in the system easily. They take up less space and are easier to open later as well.

This feature is useful for companies that have to meet compliance standards and follow a strict record retention regulation. Some industries are also required to retain documents for a certain number of years.

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You either have a choice – convert them to hard documents, take up space in a warehouse and store physical files. It has its disadvantages to the environment and the company in terms of space and cost.

Instead, you may choose to compress PDF documents, migrate them to the cloud, and store them there forever. There are even certain file formats that allow long-term storage, enabling you to preserve your optimized documents in a safe format.

  • Reduces Burden on Your Wallet

When you compress PDF, you save on storage and cloud costs as the rate is charged according to GBs consumed in a month. These cloud services begin to become more expensive as your storage needs grow. Moreover, some vendors also charge other fees, which can be unpredictable and hence can put a financial strain on your storage budget.

By having a smaller file size, you can not only cut down the cost of storing files, but your expenditure on network bandwidth cost is also drastically reduced.

  • Improves Productivity

Being able to float and transmit your documents faster saves a lot of time. And when you save time, you are freed up for other productive tasks at work. You may spend a few minutes for files to upload and download, but when it accumulates, it results in thousands of wasted hours. Get rid of this frustration and compress PDF using compressor tools. You will notice a significant improvement in your mood and mindset.

  • Effective Email Transmission
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We live in a world where we heavily use technology to receive and send information. Emails have become an essential medium to share information and documents. It is used by students, employees, teachers, and many others.

However, sharing documents via email has its limitations. Both Gmail and Hotmail allow a certain size of file attachments. Therefore, it becomes crucial to compress PDF before you send them through email. It will speed up the process and allow you to send your desired emails quickly.

Parting words

A PDF compressing software is an incredible tool that can compress PDF instantly. However, you need to make sure you pick the right free PDF compressor. The quality of your content, format, and colours should not be compromised when you reduce file size. Also, read the fine prints of the website and check how they protect the user’s confidential data. It is important, especially if you deal with documents containing highly sensitive data.

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