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Comprehensive Guide To Understanding Computer Screen Savers

Have you heard of screen savers? Do you know the purpose they serve and why you need to use them? Here’s everything you need to know to understand computer screen savers.

What Are Screen Savers?

Screen savers refer to computer programs designed to fill the screen with moving images or blank the screen when you are not using the computer. Screen savers are typically included on every computer.

The primary function of this computer program was to safeguard the monitor from damage when a picture screen or single data was left pulled up for an extended period. When personal computers were first developed, it became clear that leaving the computer display for prolonged periods deteriorated the screen’s resolution. The display of the light and dark colors created issues, and this effect was called burn-in.

At present, screen savers offer valuable services even though burn-in isn’t an issue with modern computers. Today, screen savers are being employed for other purposes. For instance, when you are not using your system anymore and your device is idle, your monitor can turn into a heads-up display of entertainment, tools, or information.

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Fantastic Screen Savers You’ll Love

League Displays

Are you a game enthusiast and a fan of League of Legends? If so, you would love League Displays because you will see your favorite game characters whenever your screen becomes idle. The screen saver is perfect for wide or multiple displays.

Electric Sheep

Are you up for some psychedelic animations? If so, get ready to be mesmerized as the Electric Sheep screen saver makes way for some super cool animations. Also, the designs keep changing with time using algorithms. So, there are always new animations to look at, and they will keep you entertained.

Magic Window Air

Virtually escape to some of the hottest destinations worldwide with aerial screen saver from Magic Window Air. You will get a video screen saver featuring a slow-motion aerial video that promises to take you on an adventure. You can unwind while staring at your computer screen, and it will offer the relaxation you seek. The screen saver can be personalized to suit your preferences.

Dark Solar System

Do you associate yourself with Sheldon and the rest of his nerd friends from the Big Bang Theory? If so, you might be interested in space images, and it will be a massive treat for you to stare at a screen displaying planets orbiting the Sun. The screen saver is highly customizable, and there’s the option for a digital clock.

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These are some popular options, but there are so many different types and styles of screen savers out there that you’ll never run out of choices. You can see the Northern Lights on your idle screen or display wild animals in their natural habitat. You can select mind-boggling space photos, including hyperspace passageways and wormholes.

How To Use A Screen Saver On Mac Or Windows?

Whether you are a Mac or Windows user, you can use a screen saver to hide all the desktop items when you are away from your system. Screen savers can offer you extra privacy while giving you something magical to look at when your screen is idle.

On your Mac, you can customize the screen saver in the following ways:

  • Go to Apple menu > click System Preferences > choose Desktop & Screen Saver > click Screen Saver > select the Show screen saver after option and choose how long you want your system to wait before the screen saver starts.
  • Click a screen saver on the left and set options for it on the right. The options available to you depend on the screen saver you select. First, you need to select the source and choose the pictures to display in the screen saver. You can choose pictures from your Photo Library or use images with macOS. You can also install a screen saver program to have more options. Second, you need to go to the screen saver options and click to set options for speed, color, etc.
  • Set options for when the screen saver will start. You can use a random screen saver by selecting the checkbox and letting macOS decide which screen saver to use. If you want the time displayed in the screen saver, you can tick the box next to show the time. For quickly starting the screen saver, you can set a hot corner shortcut.
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For setting or changing screen saver on Windows, you need to:

  • Head to Settings
  • Choose Personalization and select Lock Screen
  • Select Screen Saver settings
  • Choose a screen saver from the drop-down menu

The Bottom Line

While CRT monitors are a thing of the past and computers don’t experience burn-in, screen savers continue to offer visual pleasure and protect your sensitive desktop items from prying eyes. So, whenever you are away from your computer, it is good to enable the screen saver so nobody can see your screen. Also, looking at beautiful images of cities, wildlife, or underwater aquatic animals is therapeutic and may act as an escape when you are burdened with too much work.

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