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Christmas Gifts for Electric Bike Lovers

If you’re looking for a Christmas present for someone passionate about electric bikes, look no further than this comprehensive guide. These add-ons can improve the comfort and security of riding an e-bike or any other bicycle. All of these products are in stock and may be delivered before Christmas as of the day of publication.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of some of the best-reviewed and top electric bike gifts here at This E-Bike Life. Hurry! You better hurry if you want these items delivered by Christmas!

So, let’s get this shopping party started!

E-Bike Life

Check out the author of This E-Bike Life’s NEW in-depth guide to electric bicycles. This book, available in Kindle, print, and hardcover formats on Amazon, will teach you everything you need to know to make an informed decision when purchasing, maintaining and safeguarding your electric bicycle. You will be motivated by the experiences of riders who claim that their lives have been transformed by e-bikes, which have allowed them to face and conquer health issues, increase their levels of physical fitness, and rediscover a sense of youthful vitality.

WSDCAM anti-theft bike alarm

A solid bike lock is necessary, but the WSDCAM anti-theft bike alarm is a low-cost option to fortify your bicycle against would-be thieves further. Despite its diminutive size, this alarm warns if someone approaches your bike. Easy to use, it may be activated using a remote.

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Kryptonite Keeper chain lock

Some cyclists will spend thousands on a high-quality electric bike yet forgo security features like locks. Try not to join their ranks. Ensure the safety of your expensive electric bicycle. Although no lock is completely theft-proof, thieves will have the most success breaking cheap locks such as cable locks. This Kryptonite Keeper chain lock is a wonderful option because it is affordable. Price-wise, it’s a steal for such robust safety.


These days, even the most desperate bike thieves can be deterred by a new lock made of folding steel. The FoldyLock product line is top-tier in this category. This type is great because it folds so small and can be stashed almost anywhere. Folding locks could be more adaptable, but they are sturdy when mounting them on your bicycle.

Cloud-9 bike seats

It would help if you had a comfy seat on your new electric bike to take advantage of the longer trail trips they provide. This brand’s Cloud-9 bike seats have a stellar reputation for luxury and convenience. Different types are available to meet specific requirements, but they all have gel padding to keep you comfortable even after long riding.

Body Glide anti-chafing balm

A soft chair is only sometimes enough comfort. Try this Body Glide anti-chafing balm on any areas of your body that are prone to chafing and inflammation. Many cyclists always have it with them.

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Sena’s smart helmets

Despite their high price tag, users have expressed overwhelming satisfaction with Sena’s intelligent helmets. They feature built-in speakers and microphones for chatting with adjacent riders with Sena helmets. They’re great for a family or couple taking a road trip together who want to avoid having to turn around or yell over the wind and traffic. In it by yourself? With a Sena helmet, you can answer calls or listen to music from your phone as you ride.

GEARV cup holder

Having tried a variety of other cup holders, this one is my favourite. This insulated GEARV cup holder can accommodate bottles of varying sizes. It has two separate cup holders but only one packet. I have both of these on my foldable electric bike. One holds my coffee mug, and the other holds miscellaneous goods that I wish to keep close at hand.

CYCPLUS A8 Portable Tire Pump

Tire inflation can be a hassle, especially when utilising a compact hand pump. When you have a CYCPLUS A8 Portable Tire Pump, you can get the job done quickly and easily wherever. This compact electric air compressor is powered by a Lithium battery that can be recharged. Ten bicycle tyres can be inflated from a full charge. It’s so strong that you can use it to fill up vehicle tyres. You may easily store this pump in your bike’s bag.

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CECO-USA light

Even if your bike has a headlight, it may need to be more brightly and adaptable to meet your needs. This rechargeable LED light from CECO-USA shines with a powerful 1,000 lumens. The light can be set to one of five different nighttime modes and one of three flashing daytime modes.

Thule Easyfold XT

If you want to ride your e-bike on the many amazing trails out there, you’ll need a rack that can accommodate it. One of the best racks available is the Thule Easyfold XT. The foldable design, carrying handle, and wheels make it convenient to transport and store, and the integrated loading ramp sets it apart from competing for e-bike racks.

Mace brand pepper spray gun

There’s nothing cuter to a dog than a biker being chased by one. While most are friendly and harmless, you could run into a dangerous dog at any time. It would help if you had defences for those kinds of circumstances. This pepper spray rifle by Mace can accurately hit targets up to 20 feet away due to its intense spray. Human adversaries are neutralised as well.

Hafny mirror

The lack of a rearview mirror on a bicycle is one of the most common causes of accidents. This Hafny mirror is a top-seller and for excellent reasons. It’s fashionable, fully adjustable, and made with safety glass for automobile use. This mirror fits nicely on the e-trike my wife rides.

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