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Cheat Royal Caribbean Drink Package

While cheating on the Royal Caribbean drink package may seem tempting, it is important to understand what the package entails before attempting to do so. The drink package offers guests unlimited access to various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages onboard for a fixed price. It includes cocktails, beers, wine by the glass, soda, and specialty coffees.

There are different tiers of drink packages available on Royal Caribbean ships, each with its own set of inclusions and limitations. For example, some packages may include all drinks up to a certain price point, while others may have specific time restrictions or exclude drinks at certain venues.

Attempting to cheat the system by sneaking in outside alcohol or sharing your drink package with others can result in consequences such as being charged for individual drinks or even being removed from the ship altogether. It is best to enjoy the Royal Caribbean drink package within its intended guidelines and use all its offerings during your cruise vacation.

Cruise hacks

If you plan to cruise on Royal Caribbean, you may be interested in getting the drink package. However, at $65 per day, it can be pretty expensive. So, how can you get around this and cheat the system?

One option is to bring your alcohol on board. Royal Caribbean allows each passenger to bring two bottles of wine or champagne per stateroom. You can also bring up to 12 non-alcoholic beverages in cans or cartons.

Another option is to share the drink package with a friend or family member. The package is assigned to one person’s sea pass card but can be used by anyone who has their card scanned.

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Finally, some passengers have reported success in sneaking alcohol on board by disguising it in mouthwash bottles or other containers that look like toiletries. However, it’s worth noting that this is against Royal Caribbean’s policy, and if caught, you could face the consequences, such as being disembarked from the ship at the next port of call.

All-inclusive drink packages

It’s common for travelers to try and find ways to cheat the all-inclusive drink packages on Royal Caribbean cruises. However, it’s important to note that attempting to do so can result in severe consequences, including being kicked off the ship. One common tactic is sharing a package with others, but the cruise line strictly prohibits this.

Another popular method of cheating is smuggling alcohol on board, whether through hidden flasks or purchasing duty-free liquor in port and bringing it back on the ship. However, Royal Caribbean also has strict policies against this and reserves the right to confiscate any alcohol brought onboard.

Overall, attempting to cheat the all-inclusive drink packages Royal Caribbean offers is not worth the risk of punishment or even being banned from future cruises. Enjoying what’s included in your package and avoiding any potential trouble is best.

How can I cheat on the drink package on a Royal Caribbean cruise?

While it may be tempting to try and cheat the drink package on a Royal Caribbean cruise, it is important to remember that doing so can result in severe consequences. Not only is cheating illegal, but it can also put yourself and others at risk if you consume too much alcohol. If caught trying to cheat the system, you could face fines or even be kicked off the ship.

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People commonly cheat on the drink package by sharing it with others. However, this is strictly prohibited by Royal Caribbean’s policies, and crew members are trained to watch for suspicious behavior. Another tactic some individuals use is refilling their drinks from one of the self-serve stations around the ship. Again, this is against the policy, and crew members usually monitor these areas closely.

Ultimately, attempting to cheat the drink package on a Royal Caribbean cruise puts your experience and safety at risk. It’s best to enjoy your vacation responsibly and within the guidelines set forth by the cruise line.

What are some other cruise hacks?

Another cruise hack is to bring your refillable water bottle. While most cruise ships have free drinking water, it can be a hassle to go back and forth to refill your glass constantly. By bringing your own bottle, you can easily fill it up and carry it throughout the day. Plus, you’ll save money by not having to purchase bottled water on board.

Another tip is to book shore excursions independently rather than through the cruise line. While the convenience of booking through the ship may seem enticing, booking independently often saves money and allows for a more personalized experience. Research ahead of time and find reputable tour companies in each port of call.

Lastly, consider purchasing an internet package before boarding the ship. Cruise ship internet can be notoriously slow and expensive, but many lines offer discounted rates for pre-purchasing an internet package before sailing. This way, you’ll have reliable internet throughout your trip without breaking the bank.

Methods of cheating the drink package

One of the most common ways to cheat the Royal Caribbean drink package is by sharing it with others. It involves passing your drink package card or wristband to a friend or family member who hasn’t purchased one themselves. While this may seem harmless, it is against Royal Caribbean’s policy and can result in consequences such as revocation of the drink package and even removal from the ship.

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Another method that some people try is bringing their alcohol on board. However, Royal Caribbean has strict policies against guests getting outside alcohol onto their ships. Security personnel performs thorough bag checks at embarkation, so trying to sneak in alcohol can be risky and may result in confiscation.

Lastly, some guests try to order drinks for others who do not have the drink package using their package benefits. It is also against the policy as each person must have their package for use throughout the cruise. The bottom line is: attempting to cheat Royal Caribbean’s drink package will likely lead to negative consequences and spoil your vacation experience.


Is it possible to cheat the Royal Caribbean drink package?

While it is not recommended, some passengers have found ways to cheat the system. For example, some have used fake cruise cards or shared their package with others by ordering drinks for multiple people at once. However, these actions are considered fraud and can result in consequences such as being banned from future cruises or facing legal charges.

Can I bring my alcohol on board instead of purchasing the drink package?

Royal Caribbean does not allow guests to bring their alcohol on board, except for one bottle of wine per adult passenger during embarkation day. Any other alcohol in a guest’s luggage will be confiscated and returned at disembarkation.

Are there any discounts or promotions available for the drink package?

Yes, Royal Caribbean occasionally offers discounts and promotions on its drink packages. These can vary depending on factors such as the ship and sailing date. Guests can sometimes find deals by booking through third-party websites or travel agents.

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