Burlington Corporate Office Headquarters

Burlington History

Burlington Coat Factory was founded in the year 1972. The company has been operational for 47 years now. The founder of the company was Henrietta Milstein and Monroe Milstein. The company started selling various jackets and coats. Then the company increased its portfolio, and also began selling clothing accessories and items as well. By the year 1983, the company already had 31 stores in different locations, and therefore became a public limited company. Then in the year 2006, the company was purchased by Bain Capital Partners for around $2 billion. As of the year 2013, the company started offering its IPO or Initial Public Offering, and then in the year 2016, the company was listed on the Fortune 500 companies list for the first time.

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Burlington Corporate Founder

Founder:Monroe Milstein

Burlington Corporate Official Address

Address: 1830 US-130
Burlington, NJ 08016
United States

Burlington Corporate Contact Details

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