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Best Type of Home to Own in Arizona

If you’re looking to buy a home in the state of Arizona, you probably have quite a few questions. What type of home should I get? How much house can I afford? Are all homes in Arizona suitable investments? Since there are plenty of questions, we figured we would do your search for information as efficiently as possible by creating a list of the best type of homes to own in Arizona.


This modern-style home features clean lines and modern architecture while remaining classic in design. These homes often have big windows and a minimal interior design. The contemporary look incorporates the latest technologies while still keeping the aesthetics simple.

While they’re usually built with simple materials, they’re also ideal for people who want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. This home style is perfect for sports and nature enthusiasts, and they are also an excellent fit for young families.

The best part is, they’re affordable too. You can find many different kinds of contemporary homes for sale in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Midcentury Modern

If you desire luxury, you should consider a midcentury modern home. These houses are usually built with glass facades, so natural light can quickly enter your home. You also won’t have to worry about neighbors intruding.

Additionally, these homes have solid construction standards and can be highly durable. You won’t find a more comfortable place to live than in a midcentury modern home, so you’ll have room for a big yard and a beautiful view. If you choose a modern house in Arizona, you’ll get a unique look and feel.

Spanish Mission

These houses are often large and have a lot of space. They were first introduced in California in the 1800s and have been adopted all across the country. Most of them are located a few miles outside town centers, which means you will have a peaceful and private home away from the crowd.

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Initially built in California, these homes are now famous all across the U.S., giving families plenty of privacy and space. This type of home is great for families who want plenty of space. A Spanish mission is also ideal for families looking for a place to enjoy the scenery and stay comfortable year-round.

This home-style ensures that the entrance is on the east side of the house so that the warmest part of the day is in the sun. A Spanish mission should also have an east-facing entrance to keep the winter heat out.

It is also a great choice if you love the feel of the countryside. This home style is a popular choice for people who enjoy Arizona’s beautiful scenery.


These homes are typically low-slung and feature open floor plans. They often have low-pitched roofs and are brick, stucco, and wood. Interior design is uncomplicated and straightforward. The exterior is usually a combination of stucco, brick, and wood.

The exterior is usually one story and features large windows and sliding doors. They are typically one-story and are considered affordable.

A typical ranch-style home has two floors, two garages, and a detached garage. It typically has a patio, barbecue grill, and sliding glass doors. Although it is classic, ranch homes are less eco-friendly than other styles. They require a lot of space and do not consider conserving resources.

Mediterranean Revival

This style draws inspiration from Spanish Colonial, Italian Renaissance, and Beaux-Arts designs. These homes feature arched windows and red-tiled roofs. The architecture is considered elegant and romantic, and most people are attracted to these styles.

A typical Mediterranean Revival home is rectangular and has a red or brown tiled roof. The walls are stuccoed, and there are often arches and scrolled parapet walls. This home-style does not stand out due to its architecture, but it is beautiful and unique.

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The interiors of a Mediterranean Revival home usually have several rooms and a large living room and bedroom. A spacious kitchen is also a characteristic of a Mediterranean Revival home.

Hacienda-Style (aka Spanish Revival)

These homes have a low-pitched roof of red clay tiles shaped like half-tubes. These clay roofs are susceptible to leaking, but they have an enduring quality, and the white walls are ideal for the region’s hot, dry climate. This article will explore the history and design of the Hacienda style in Arizona.

Hacienda-Style homes usually feature thick walls, which are covered with white stucco. This stucco is often hand-painted, and it adds a rich texture to the walls. The Hacienda-Style homes are also characterized by red clay roof tiles shaped like a half-tube.

These clay roof tiles are perfect for warm, dry climates. The interiors of these houses are typically furnished with rustic wooden accents. The homes feature solid wood furniture and heavy wooden doors. There are often exposed beams in the ceilings to provide warmth and charm to the house.

Tudor Revival

The Tudor Revival style of homes in Arizona is one of the state’s oldest and most popular homes. This style is associated with old-world charm and is reminiscent of an English country manor.

The design was first developed in the United States and gained popularity in the 1920s and 1930s. These homes have steep roofs, decorative half-timbering, and a variety of other characteristics that make them ideal for the Southwest.

Santa Fe Style

A Santa Fe style home in Arizona has many distinguishing features. It resembles the Pueblo Revival style of architecture, with flat roofs and neutral, desert-inspired colors. Its high-ceilinged living room, high ceilings, and open plan are also distinguished by its high-ceilinged living room.

The interior of a Santa Fe style home is welcoming and inviting, and you can find this type of architecture throughout the Phoenix metro area. The main characteristic of a Santa Fe home is that it evokes the old world but with a modern flair.

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Many homes in the area are modernized versions of traditional Pueblo Revival architecture. These structures are typically flat and have neutral desert-inspired tones. In the living room, the ceilings are low, and the rooms have vaulted ceilings. The look is warm and earthy, and the exterior details are stone or brick.

Territorial Style

In general, territorial-style houses have simple, rectangular exteriors. They are usually twice as deep as they are wide. In Tucson, territorial-style real estate is generally located in areas that experienced rapid growth from the 1960s to the 1980s, including the Catalina Foothills and the city’s east side.

These neighborhoods are also known for the high-end quality of territorial-style homes. These homes are also an excellent choice for first-time homebuyers. These homes combine old-world aesthetics and new-world conveniences.

The interiors of territorial-style homes include low ceilings in the kitchen and dining “great rooms” and large windows with extensive, sweeping views. Exterior walls are typically covered in stucco that replicates thick plaster’s look but is more energy efficient.

Stone and marble accents are also famous in Arizona. The earthy colors of the interior and exterior of these buildings blend well with the surrounding landscape.

Tuscan Style

Inspired by Italian and Spanish villages, Tuscan-style homes have low-pitched roofs, rounded exteriors, and wooden beams. The style of Tuscan homes has a strong connection between indoors and outdoors. Many of the older Pueblo-style homes are multi-level, with servants’ quarters in the back. They are a common type of home in the Phoenix metro area.


The best type of home to own in Arizona depends on your lifestyle. There are various homes, ranging from traditional farmhouses to modern luxury high-rises. You must consider the quality of life you and your family need before buying a home.

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