Bealls Corporate Office Headquarters

Bealls History

Bealls is a chain of retail stores. It consists of 3 chains namely Bealls Outlet stores, Bealls stores and Bunulu Bealls Inc. Bealls is the parent corporation of all the 3. Bealls Texas and Bealls Florida are the subsidiaries of Bealls.

The common headquarters of all the subsidiaries is located in Bradenton, Florida. There are more than 500 Bealls stores spread across the US subcontinent.

It was founded by Robert Beall in 1915. He began a small store to sell dry goods in Bradenton with the name The Dollar limit. Every product sold was with in a dollar justifying its name. The business boomed after second world war. The Bealls Outlet was founded in 1967. There are more than 400 Bealls outlets in the US. It gained its popularity with its discounted price.

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Bealls Corporate Founder

Founder:Robert M. Beall Sr.

Bealls Corporate Official Address

Address: 700 13th Ave E
Bradenton, FL 34208
United States

Bealls Corporate Contact Details

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