Romantic Relationships

7 Chart-topping Hip-hop Hits on Romantic Relationships

Romance is blossoming on and offline for those actively seeking relationships. Many are seeking love and lustful fun in bars to their detriment. For most millennial folks, the internet has brought like-minded peers closer to them for such intimate rendezvous. It is no longer a struggle to find and make new friends on or offline. It simply requires a little effort and time on your part.

With dating apps like offering us opportunities to find love, loneliness is a thing of the past. Once you find such interesting folks and would like to reminisce on a few things, chart-toppers are well-advised options. The 90s and 2000s offered epic hip-hop hits, many of which centered on romantic relationships. If you finally found that Slavic babe online, introduce her to the hip-hop hits below from the past decades.

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All I Need – Method man/Mary J Blige

Method man wrote this song while traveling and away from his lover. The song was random but it took only a few minutes to produce the script. Featuring Mary J Blige on the song, Method man had this chart-topper playing on radios for weeks. It was loved by teenagers and adults alike during the late nineties.

Hey Lover – LL Cool J

Written for a lady in a relationship heading nowhere, LL Cool J’s hit rang bells in several women during the nineties. It was meant to remind the ladies that their man had no desire to be with them. Part of the song talks of a man or boyfriend who spends too much drinking and smoking. The concept of the song was to tell women they could do better.

21 Questions – 50 Cent

For most men, this banger hit home as it questioned whether or not money determined the longevity of a relationship. 50 Cent asked the question of whether love would still exist if the man was working a nine-to-five, perhaps flipping burgers and not liquid enough. It was a hit too due to 50’s fame at the time. This hit is the perfect song to introduce your new Slavic babe to Afro-American music.

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Mr. Cheeks of the Lost Boys music crew wrote this song earlier in the nineties. It was a banger for several reasons including the fact that it was raw. The song talks about meeting a young lady and falling for her. The feeling is mutual, and at some point, Renee dies in a drive-by shooting. It is indeed a sad love song, and one worth listening to over again.

Sick of Love Songs – Ne-Yo

‘So why can’t I turn off the radio’ is a line from this song, which talks about getting tired of lamenting and crying. Ne-Yo sings about missing his boo and listening to love songs repeatedly. He also cannot turn off these songs albeit being tired of said love songs. This hit resonated with many men who would fall in love and find themselves breaking up, only to find it overwhelming to let go.

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Gangsta Luvin – Eve

Eve came and left the charts quickly during her reign. In the early 2000s, this song was quite the banger. Talking about romance with a thug was the in-thing during this era. It reminded many that those living in the ghetto or in trying times still desired to be loved. It also resonated more seeing as it was a female, gangsta rapper.

Put it on me – Ja Rule

During the early 2000s, rapper Ja rule reigned on the hip-hop charts. With gangsta songs and love songs alike, most of the hits were favorites among teenagers. This hit had other artists like Lil Mo and Vita featuring on it. The song spoke of love, sex, and everything related to giving your all in a relationship.

Bottom Line

There are too many hip-hop hits to list from the nineties and 2000s, but the above gives insight into the epic times we had. If you finally met an exotic babe online, you can enjoy the hits listed above during those intimate moments.

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